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Genoa - June 20, 2023

Refit works on Kingdom 5KR completed by Mariotti

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The Genoese shipyard recently completed the refit works on the iconic Kingdom 5KR, Trump's yacht sung by Queen

Genoa June 19th , 2023 - T. Mariotti completed last week refit works on Kingdom 5KR, originally launched as Nabila in 1979 in Viareggio, Italy. The superyacht was on her eighth stop at the Genoese shipyards led by Marco Bisagno, consolidating a very long-standing relationship with the management company and the owner that has lasted since 2016.

The refit works took place between March and May at Ente Bacini area and were divided into three phases, the first afloating at Molo Giano, the second at Dry Dock 1 and the third again at Molo Giano.

Several substantial works were carried out by T. Mariotti, such as the installation of a new Water Ballast Treatment System and some activities on the alternators for shore overhauls in the first and third part of the project at Molo Giano, and numerous standard and mechanical works on the propulsion and directional propellers, rudders, and axles due to the special visit of the Classification Society in the second part at Dry Dock 1.

The 86-meter-long, desert sand-colored Kingdom 5KR, with a green horizontal line on the edge, has a very prestigious history; the superyacht was launched in Viareggio in 1979 with lines designed by Australian architect John Bannemberg, Kingdom 5KR was purchased by Trump in 1989 and became Trump Princess. The former U.S. president turned the superyacht into a floating casino and then sold it back to its current owner. Several anecdotes could be cited to this iconic yacht,such as when, in 1983, the superyacht served as a movie set for a film in the James Bond saga or as when, in 1989, the British rock band Queen dedicated a rockin', party-going song, Kahshoggi's Ship.


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