The Mariotti shipyard designs and builds ships with high technological and design standards

New build high-end cruise ships

Mariotti works with the most prestigious shipowners around the world in this particular market niche, which has always chosen the shipyard to introduce innovative elements to the luxury experience on board its ships.

Each ship built by the shipyard has set new benchmarks in the high-end cruise industry. The distinctive features of the ships built by Mariotti include the passenger/crew space ratio requested by the luxury indicators, ongoing respect for environmental protection and safety, the design capability able to match the operation profiles and routes that shipowners offer to their customers around the world.

On leaving the shipyard, the high-end cruise ships are equipped with technological features that are often ahead of their time in terms of regulatory compliance. This allows them access to natural oases that larger or less modern ships are not permitted to enter due to environmental protection or safety issues.


The construction of offshore support vessels not only represents an excellent opportunity for diversification in a high-potential market, but also the possibility of applying the technological features and innovative solutions adopted on Ultra Luxury cruise ships to more complex commercial vessels. The shipyard’s presence in this market sector is guaranteed by its historical capability to manage turnkey projects, its ability to continually face new challenges, its wealth of experience, and the high level of expertise of its internal staff and network of specialised contractors, most of which belong to the same group: Genova Industrie Navali.



Mariotti brings to the megayacht market its experience in the construction of ultra-luxury cruise ships together with the value of innovation that has always distinguished its design. Mariotti Yachts, the Mariotti Shipyard brand dedicated to this sector, designs, builds and markets steel displacement vessels that are highly customised to the wishes and aspirations of its customers. The shipyard caters to the world of megayachts by providing a perfect fusion of beauty, elegance and exclusivity whilst complying with the latest environmental and safety regulations.

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Since the early 20th century, the Mariotti shipyard has built ultra-luxury cruise ships and mega yachts for the most prestigious shipowners, and offshore support ships for the most demanding operators.
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